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Abbotsford is a Canadian city, in the province of British Columbia. It is the fifth largest municipality in British Columbia, home to 115,463 people in 2001. The population for the Census Metropolitan Area was 147,370 (2001). The city is located in the Fraser Valley, where 253,844 people (2001) live. Abbotsford is situated immediately north of the Canada-US border. Most of the city has dramatic views of Mount Baker, a large glacier-clad volcano just across the border.

The village of Abbotsford was incorporated in 1892. The village was named for a Maclure family friend, Harry Abbott, who was Western Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The city was incorporated in 1995, through the merging the District of Abbotsford with the District of Matsqui. The City of Abbotsford is 359.18 square kilometres in size, with a population density of 321.5 persons per square kilometre.

Additionally, Abbotsford is the Sister City of Fukagawa, Japan.

Abbotsford is the third most ethnically diverse city in Canada, after Toronto and Vancouver. Abbotsford now leads the country with the highest proportion of people of South Asian origin per capita, according to results from the 2001 census.

Abbotsford's largest religious group is Christian at 61.4%, of which the largest denomination is Protestant. The second largest religious group is Sikh, comprising 13.4% of the population. The city contains the first Sikh temple built in North America.

The largest ethnic group is Caucasian, comprising approximately 79.6% of the population. The largest ethnic minority group in Abbotsford is South Asian (countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) comprising 14.9% of the population. In third place are Aboriginals, at 2.2% of the population.

English is the primary language spoken, with 71.2% of the population having it as their first language.

23.8% of the city's population was born outside of Canada. Of that percentage, a majority is from South Asia, followed by groups from Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Latin America. Immigrants from Europe include those of English, German, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish backgrounds.

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