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Metchosin, British Columbia
The District of Metchosin is a small, coastal community (fewer than 5000 people) near Victoria, the capital of B.C., Canada. Many Metchosinites have hobby farms, typically of sheep or chickens. "Dogless in Metchosin" by Tom Henry is a first-hand account of life there; as the title indicates, dogs are popular pets and people without at least one stand out. Locals have an easygoing culture and may stop in the middle of the road to chat if they meet a friend while walking their dogs. As Metchosin has little traffic even on its main road, this isn't as hazardous as it first sounds.

Metchosinites, especially the younger ones, are traditionally friendly rivals of neighbouring communities Sooke, East Sooke, Langford, and Colwood. A recent move to merge Metchosin and East Sooke, which have similar rural-utopian characters, failed; some East Sookese adopted the slogan "East Sooke Forever, Metchosin Never!" as they saw the proposition not as a merge but as an assimilation into larger Metchosin.

Parks dot Metchosin's forested hills, including Devonian, Witty's Lagoon, and Matheson Lake Park. These tend to be left in their original state except for the addition of well-maintained trails; they are much-frequented by tourists in the summer months, but offer no place to buy souvenirs. Victoria itself offers most of the region's money-spending opportunities (e.g. souvenir shops and museums), and as many Metchosinites work in Victoria, the tourists do indirectly benefit Metchosin's economy.

The name Metchosin is the anglicised version of the native "Smets-Schosen", which means "place of stinking fish". Local legend maintains that many years prior to the Europeans' arrival, an orca beached and died, and that everywhere that could smell it rotting became part of Metchosin. The town's museum, which was once its one-room school before an increasing population necessitated a larger building, claims to have vertebrae from the animal on display. Metchosin's community symbol is, perhaps unsurprisingly, an orca.

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